Sunday, March 6, 2011

Hack enables Atrix to be connected using HDMI port

Atrix is a great phone from motorola but you know it's too costly to try out the docks and guess what Fenny of xda developers has developed a new hack that modifies the phone's APK files and allows it to activate Webtop mode on standard HDMI cable.

That certainly is something. No need to go for the expensive dock as you can access the Atrix Webtop features on your TV or monitor with a bluetooth mouse and Keyboard ready. But ofcourse the phone should be rooted and deodexed to do this and it's not too difficult to do that.

Fenny's hack could make the laptop dock obsolete but you know what, the dock is something else. Eventhough expensive, it is razor thin. It also charges the Atrix phone while working in it. So you cannot completely write of the dock as of yet.


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